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  • Everything is not going to be the way it used to be. It’s time to change and move on. 😭 I will miss him the most. 😔

  • My nails for this week!! 🙌 💕 #shiny #nails #pink #chinaglaze

  • At least I can talk to him despite the fact that he is leaving us 💔 AWWW WIWE 😭

  • #Throwback COX 1 💣👻

  • "RealTalk: Palagi mong tandaan na ang pagiging single ay hindi isang kamalasan, sumpa o karma. Ang love ay may sariling “time frame”. Isa yang masterpiece na hindi minamadali. Darating din yan, kaya dapat mas maexcite ka kesa mabitter ka."
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  • Feeling sick tonight for all the studying I’ve made for the past days 😔Hoping to regain my energy back 😭

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    Red-hot and ready for the weekend


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  • SORRY BEA xoxo

    From now on, I’m never going to think about the issue between me and Ivo.   It affects me a lot cause he’s one of my closest friend yet he needs to have space (meaning he has to leave). Yeah, the feeling sucks but I think it is better this way. No more issues, clear mind, focus on studies. HAHAHA but I’m still hoping that tomorrow, or maybe not tomorrow but sooner, he’ll realise that the space he needed is really the time he needs us, his friends. But I don’t want to argue to what he believes in. It’s his life and I’m just a concern friend. :)

    Oh and btw, last night I dreamt about something so ridiculous and a little bit absurd. It was about Ivo changing his FB and twitter dp to him and Bea HAHAHA I know I’m crazy for laughing but I really find it so funny. I mean I’ve known Bea for quite a while and I know that she’s obsessing her whole life (not literally) spending effort and all the shit just to be with Ivo, like that’s gonna happen. HAHAHA I don’t know if I’m jealous or something but HAHAHAHA I can’t even…!!! Maybe it’s just me thinking that she could have used some kind of “magic” (sp. gayuma) to make him fall in love with her. HAHAHAHAHA Okay, Shai stop. HAHAHAHAHAHA crazy biatch

    Then I also thought, what if Bea is telling Ivo something BAD about me. I mean she really gets so jealous to me every time I’m with Ivo and I think she is behind the way Ivo’s acting recently (not talking to me, needing space, and only talking to her). This isn’t a fair fight. If she wants to fight with me, she should fight clean and equally. My advice for her, stop being so shitty for him cause he’s never gonna like you anyway. 

    P.S. I feel so bad backstabbing her here but it’s the only way I can release this feeling. I hope she doesn’t have the chance to read this. hahahaha sorry Bea but I believe you need to find someone that will also reciprocate the love you’re giving. xoxo 

  • So glad that the typhoon Glenda is already moving out of the country. It sucks to see many people become devastated, physically and emotionally.