Your secrets are safe with me -S
  • 22 is coming!! Officially his girlfriend :))

  • So fcking mad at the bad signal of Globe here at the condo ARRRGHHHH

  • I thought she wasn’t mad. I thought it was okay for her. But it ended up it wasn’t. 😭 -1 friend for the meantime.

  • 22 is nearing!!! I can’t wait 😁✌️

  • dakilang-doodlero:

    Bago ako lumandi. gagawin ko na yung mga projects ko pushang hell week to!

  • Enemy Turned into a Lover.

    Everything is so unexpected. Once you believe you found the right guy for you, trust yourself. Don’t limit yourself in thinking that you only like this certain person when there is someone out there waiting for you to notice him/her. 

    It’s been a week since Ivo returned to us (friends) and many things happened. He confessed his love to me and even admit that he was being jealous to Dareen all the time. HAHAHA ang tanga lang!! So yeah, I told him I like him too and on Aug 22, I am to answer him with yes or no and I am sure I’ll be answering YES. :D 

  • So glad Ivo’s back in the group 😭 ❤️ huhu I miss this little shit